Final Expense Insurance is intended to cover the expenses of a funeral – the service, preparation, transport, burial and other expenses – at the time one passes away. These costs can easily exceed $30,000.

Money when it’s needed most

A funeral home must receive payment prior to the service – meaning often within 3-5 days of a person passing away. Regular life insurance can take weeks to pay because the death certificate first has to process with the state. Most Final Expense policies fall into the multiple-weeks range as well, however it is possible to find Final Expense coverage that pays within 48-hours – covering that crucial gap and taking stress off your loved ones.

Pre-paid plans may not cover everything you think

A pre-paid plan at a funeral home or buying a plot ahead of time may feel like you’ve made all the plans that need to be covered, but there may still be crucial gaps that loved ones will be responsible to handle. A good Final Expense policy will give them much more flexibility to make choices and can cover the gaps that maybe aren’t included with what you’ve already arranged.

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Between $5,000 and $50,000