Do I NEED Estate Planning?

  • Did you know that a Will is the only document that lets you specify who would care for an underage child?
  • Do you know what a Durable Power of Attorney or a Healthcare Directive accomplish for you?
  • Should you have a Trust?

Everyone should have basic estate planning – you don’t have to be wealthy to be affected by estate planning issues. If you don’t properly define a plan, the government will make decisions for you, and they not be what you want.

If you already have estate planning in place, when is the last time you reviewed it?  If anything has changed in your life, you may need to update or add pieces to your plan to make sure you’re fully protected.  Many people put estate planning off until it’s too late and their family suffers the consequences.

Planning now, while it’s still early, gives you many more options.  You may even catch potentially catastrophic mistakes that come with simply not being fully informed.  In the end, won’t you have more peace of mind knowing that you’ve done your research and taken the right steps?

Let us connect you with our in-house attorney to review your situation and guide you on the steps you should take.

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