Hidden Spending

Did you start to implement the last saving idea we shared? Please share your progress… If not, please decide to take action. Your future self will thank you

Here’s another saving idea you can implement starting today. The more of these ideas you implement, the more momentum you’ll gain!

Think about all the subscriptions you have… TV, music, store clubs, gym, monthly clothing or makeup boxes, magazines, professional services, etc. Are any of those monthly payments going to waste? You have them just in case, but in reality you never use them? Are you overpaying for something where, with a little research, you could reduce your cost? Do you maybe have multiple subscriptions that overlap in purpose and one could be cancelled?

Many people start a subscription and then over time don’t really think about it any more. At first, it may have been exciting, maybe indispensable, but things change. Maybe you don’t have the same need or desire any more. Take a look at your subscriptions and see what you can cancel or cut back on. Since you were used to those payments already, take the difference and channel it into savings for yourself.

Again, the first goal is to build a $1000 emergency fund. Can you accomplish that by the end of December? Take steps now to make November and December the time when you truly develop a healthy saving habit!

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