Financial Balance

I’m going to assume for a moment that you have made some adjustments and you’re on track to build your emergency fund (there’s just over a month to go to reach $1000 by the end of the year). So what else should you be setting your sights on? There are many big things in life to plan for… education, wedding, retirement, home purchase, etc. Each of these is a significant financial commitment and requires that you save, invest and strategize correctly. There are also many things that might come along to protect your family against… medical expenses, untimely death, etc.

Your financial life is a balance between handling your responsibilities, building toward your goals and protecting against setbacks. You need to consider all three in your planning. Your financial foundation can’t stay small if you have big dreams, so you must go for growth. If you only focus on growth, however, what if the market turns against you or you suddenly are injured and have large ongoing medical expenses? Everything you were building could be wiped out. Can you find a good balance that includes all three – the safety of not losing, real growth potential and protection just in case?

Believe it or not, YES! That’s exactly the situation we help clients create for their families. There are solutions in the industry today that let you craft a beautiful balance in a simple, understandable package. You don’t need a finance degree or sophisticated tools to keep these plans working for you for years into the future.

You’re probably wondering what this solution is… Well, we can’t give individualized advice here, but we’d love to have a conversation to look into your options. Schedule a quick call ( and we’ll go from there.

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