You Need an Emergency Fund

According to recent surveys, nearly one quarter of Americans have no emergency savings, 40% don’t have $400 and 65% save little or nothing. Why do these numbers matter?

Life happens…some kind of emergency is coming. What will you do when you suddenly face a $500 or $1000 unexpected and unbudgeted expense? People with savings have the option of paying cash from their reserve. People without savings often have to take on debt – whether a credit card or a loan of some sort.

How much have you saved already? What are you on track to save? What’s the magic number that you need to reach? If you don’t have a good savings habit, start now…RIGHT NOW! Start somewhere. Your first goal should be to build a $1000 emergency fund. After you have some momentum, increase what you’re saving.

Our savings habits over time can have a profound impact on our retirement. Build good habits that build the future you want to live.

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